Thursday, June 3, 2010

Modern Indian Bridal Make Up in Pink and Gold

In our last post, we focused on Indian bridal dresses in a pink color. Today's post focuses on ideas for Indian bridal make-up that would match a bridal dress in the pink color family.

But first, here are some great tips to help you achieve a flawless face!

A light even dusting of loose powder sets foundation and concealer, giving your face a velvety, more natural finish. It also provides smooth blending for any eye makeup or blush to follow.

1. Dip a puff or powder brush in loose powder. Shake off excess to avoid uneven distribution, then apply powder over entire face and neck.
2. To maintain a flawless finish throughout the day, apply pressed powder using a sponge or clean powder brush.

Tip: Face powder can be used alone, over foundation or over your moisturizer for a natural, sheer, no-shine look.

Tip: For the closest color match, choose a powder shade that is 3 shades lighter than your foundation.

Tip: If you are over the age of 30, avoid powdering under the eyes as it can make fine lines and wrinkles appear more obvious.

Tip: Facial oil-blotting sheets help to remove excess oil and shine without disturbing your makeup. Carry them with you everywhere you go!

Getting the Flawless Indian Bridal Make-up Look
Looks Perfect for Pink and Gold Indian Bridal Dress

To achieve the look in the video, follow these simple techniques. Start by applying concealer to the eyelid to cover any discolorations. Use gold eyeliner pen, and Barry M's gold dust #10 on the eyelid. Then use bronze #44 on the entire rest of the lid, with #2 cheek color on the crease of lid. Dazzle dust #64 on the outer edge of crease. Then use Barry M's #66 in black over crease, like a V-shape. Then use #3 pink dazzle dust, and this will help blend the harsh pink edges. Right under brow, use silver dazzle dust. Then use Barry M's black coal eyeliner and pat over the edges with black dazzle dust. Use pink/gold to blend all colors, then use bronze again. Use black liquid eyeliner to line eyes. Brush eyebrows, then use an angle brush dipped in black. Use Barry M's intense black mascara, Barry M pink color on cheek, and finally Barry M's pink lipstick mixed with blush to go over the pink lip gloss.

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